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I started my career in the automobile industry over ten years ago. I began in sales and quickly gravitated toward Internet Sales due to my experience with computers and my degree in computer programming. Within the first two months I was the top salesperson for the entire dealership and continued to be until I was promoted to head the Internet Department as the e-commerce Director for the entire chain of Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep brands. Within six months I took the Internet Departments sale’s from representing less than 2% of total, new and pre-owned, sales to making up for 20% to 25% of the company’s total sales each month.
I was then recruited by Mercedes-Benz in Sugar Land to head up there BDC. I developed and implemented the Business Development Center for Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land in Sugar Land, Texas in 2004. This included personally training all personnel, development of all scripts, templates and the creation and implementation of all processes, as well as setting up the CRM and training all sales and management how to maximize use of the system. After implementation of the BDC the dealership’s sales and service CSI scores rose dramatically and the dealership was awarded “Best of the Best” every year I was there. The BDC was featured on the cover of Auto Executive Magazine in November of 2005 and contributed to the dealership winning multiple awards under my management.
I have managed several entire dealerships IT infrastructures for over 7 years including; Software Integration, E-mail Administration, PC Repair, Programming of Digital Phone System to Maximize Call Routing, Database Programming and Administration, Setting up wireless networks for entire facilities, Customer Relationship Management Software Administration, Handling All E-mail Marketing Campaigns, Web Filtering Management, Website Marketing, Network Management, Server Maintenance, and Search Engine Optimization.
I have been in executive management for several dealerships for over seven years and know dealerships goals and needs, as well as how to get them there!
Mark Hooper
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