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Business Development Center Services

Set Up A Business Development Center – Do you know each salesperson’s closing ratio at your Dealership? Do you know how many leads a day your Dealership gets, by phone, internet and walk-in? How well each advertising campaign is working and it’s return on investment? If not let Expand Marketing Services help you build a professional BDC from the ground up utilizing call scripts, e-mail templates, advanced reporting strategies and best practices from industry leading Business Development Centers. I have extensive experience in this field, and can get your Dealership a top notch BDC up and running quickly. Get organized, and get the information you need to grow your business and improve your customer satisfaction scores along with your closing ratios and profits!

BDC Process Review – Are your Dealership’s and individual salespeople’s closing ratios at industry leading levels or higher? Are your customer satisfaction scores above the manufacturers required limits? Are your most important customer contacts scripted? Maximize your follow-up procedures to close more deals. Get the vital information your Dealership needs from your BDC to make the most important management decisions to better run your operations. Let Expand get your BDC back on track and performing like you envisioned when you created it!

BDC Scripts and Follow-Up E-Mail Templates – Scripts and e-mail templates give your dealership a way to offer a consistent message when interacting with your customers. If you know every call is not handled optimally and the messages being conveyed are not always the ones management have decided on, you need scripts. You will have a more uniform and professional representation to your customers and increased revenues will surely follow!

Train BDC Staff And/or Management – Industry leading best practices and coaching from a recognized industry professional.