IT Support and Consulting

Are computer problems costing you time and money and hurting you and your employees’ productivity? Call Expand Marketing Services and we can help you get back on track. Your business is challenging enough without having to deal with computer viruses or hardware crashes. Let Expand Marketing Services get you back to business when the unexpected happens.IT Consulting and Support

Application and Technology Integration – Do all your required dealership, manufacturer and vendor programs work well together? If not you need an expert to work out the kinks and get your productivity to all time highs. Get the most out of your people when they are not constantly dealing with software problems! It is worth theirs and your sanity!

Digital Phone Call Handling Review – Do your phone calls get answered properly and your customers routed to the appropriate personnel on a consistent basis, or do they get dropped into voicemail or stay on hold for extended periods of time? Let me tell you nothing is more frustrating for the customer and many times they will hang up and call the next dealership. Get your phone system under control and your customer’s calls handled properly. It will lead to more revenue, higher CSI and happier clients!

IT Consulting – Computer Viruses? Need Wi-Fi for your customer lounge or service department? Let Expand handle these or any other IT needs you have. Many Tech and IT companies do not know the specific needs the automobile industry has in regards to their IT needs. Go with someone with 10 years experience in dealership IT at an executive level! Fix it right the first time with Expand Marketing Services!